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The Historic Churches Advisory Committee was formed following a resolution passed by The Representative Body at its meeting in September 2003. Its function is to act as an Historic Churches Advisory Committee within the Church of Ireland and in particular in accordance with the revised statutory guidelines issued in relation to the Planning and Development Act 2000 (RI), with power to consult. The Committee reports directly to The Representative Body and has links with the Property Committee.

The majority of buildings vested in The Representative Church Body are of architectural or historic importance. In Northern Ireland, since 1972, the Department of the Environment has prepared lists of buildings of special architectural or historic interest and these include ecclesiastical buildings. Since the introduction of the Planning and Development Order, 2000 Local Authorities in the Republic of Ireland have compiled lists of protected structures. Many Church of Ireland buildings are affected by the legislation in both jurisdictions.

The purpose of this website is to provide a practical and a positive guide towards the conservation of the architectural heritage of the Church of Ireland and to ensure that, with sympathetic care and maintenance, our built heritage is preserved for our successors.

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